Short Fiction

Just Released:

Curiosity Quills Anthology: Chronology

AA Chronology
Official Description: “It’s time… for time! Embark on a literary journey through the ages with Curiosity Quills Press in our latest, greatest, and BIGGEST annual anthology yet. Filled with short stories by greats the likes of Piers Anthony, J.R. Rain, Richard Roberts, Scott Nicholson, Tony Healey, and more, Chronology will send your imagination down unexplored tunnels of history, from the earliest days to a far-flung future.”

My Description: I’ve got a short story in a book with fantasy bestseller Piers Anthony! Holy bones! It just came out January 1st 2015. My short story is about Hog McMasters, the ex-gunslinger, former panther-tamer, and current sword-fighting champion of Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, and parts of Kentucky and Manitoba. In this newest adventure, “In the Clutches of the Mummy Prince,” Hog battles an illegal mummy smuggling operation, jungle guerillas, and battle-nudity.



The Lancer, by B.C. Johnson


Young Adult Noir, 5000 words

Luke Harris and Mel Vega, professional detectives, high school students, and power-couple are hired by nervous beauty Vanessa Palmer.

Vanessa, sure of her boyfriend Jake’s infidelity, just wants proof.
Pictures, video, anything showing the Hinckley Prep star water-polo player
breaking her heart. Luke and Mel’s routine cheating investigation goes
sideways as Vanessa’s older sister appears, a world-wise girl with an
agenda and a penchant for dark secrets.

As they dig deeper, Luke and Mel begin to wonder if the truth is better
than lie, and whether questions always deserve answers . .



Other Stories:

The Convertible

Fiction, 1082 words. Everyone has a choice.


Fantasy, 3065 words.  A man has been sent to find a very special girl . . .


Horror/Comedy, 1524 words. Nobody likes a grade-grubbing kiss ass.

The Fall

Super-Hero, 656 words. A hero’s last moments.

On Jupiter and Mars

Zombie/Horror, 3443 words. The end of the world can be planned for. Some things, though, really sneak up on you.


Sci-Fi/Apocalypse, 2046 words. It isn’t easy to make new friends in the Wasteland. It’s tougher still to keep ’em.

All stories written by B.C. Johnson. All Rights Reserved.

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