I write fiction, because it was the only thing I could ever imagine myself doing. In second grade I wrote a story that my friends loved, and was enraptured by the process/adulation. Granted, I had  basically just completely plagiarized the plot of the movie “Fern Gully” (but with penguins!*), but I didn’t understand intellectual property law back then.

Actually, I don’t understand it now, either.

I live in Southern California, where I’ve lived my entire life and hope to die (in glorious combat, at a very old age). I do like to travel, and maybe someday I’ll have the means and the time for it. I live with my amazing ninja/wife Gina, the cutest dog in the world, Luna (or Luna-Tuna to her friends), and the dumbest dog in the world, Kaylee (or Kaylee-Donkey, for the delightful noises she makes). Writing, movies, vidja games, and the internet take up most of my time. I’m a drummer, but there’s never a place to do it since my high school ska band broke up, and my legendary skills lay dormant, coated with rust.

My first published novel, Deadgirl, is getting republished in Fall of 2014 by Curiosity Quills.

My dreams are to someday captain a space-freighter crewed by wacky adventurers, dislike a movie based off one of my books, and figure out how to spell the word “exacerbate” on the first try. Which, I didn’t. I had to type that about four times before I got it right.

Stick around if you want to hear my ramblings, or, the journey of a fledgling novelist towards either overwhelming success or terrible, disastrous, gut-wrenching failure.

– B.C. Johnson

*That story I wrote in second grade was called “The Penguins Go to Australia,” by the way.  I could tell you were dying to know.

Here’s where I write about movies, TV, comics, books, and everything pop culture.

Here’s where I write about video games.

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